Lil’ Jesus: The Infancy Gospel of Thomas 3.1


August 25, 2010 by Korshi

I came across the Infancy Gospel of Thomas for the first time a few weeks ago and it inspired me to produce this little piece of Calvin and Hobbes-esque blasphemy.  I’ve done three strips so far, I’ll post them over the next few days…

The Infancy Gospel of Thomas 3.1: Panel 1. Jesus is happily playing beside a puddle. Panel 2. A boy runs past, splashing Jesus with the water. Panel 3. Jesus is furious, his eyes glow. Panel 4. he boy is struck by lightning, his skeleton is visible. 5. The boy is now prematurely aged. His parents cradle him crying. Jesus stands smugly by with his arms crossed. Moral:  Delinquency doesn’t pay when you’re in Jesus’ ‘hood: ben-Anna thought puddle-jumping fun, now Mum pre-chews his food!

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3 thoughts on “Lil’ Jesus: The Infancy Gospel of Thomas 3.1

  1. Chimalpahin says:

    Great work, I found these after hearing about the infancy gospels from Dr Richard Carrier.

    I was wondering if I could translate them?

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