Starchildren ready for Rapture


November 13, 2009 by Korshi

Remember  back in this post when I compared Starseeds – aliens trapped in human bodies longing to return to the stars – with Christians – in the world but not of it and longing for the Kingdom of God? Well, over at the charmingly wacky site Rapture Ready one poster has written a short article using exactly this as the premise. Here’s a brief quote:

I am an Extra-Terrestrial. I am here, but I am not of this planet. There is no place on this earth that is my home; there are only fortifications that provide shelter from the raging storm.

I am here only by God’s will, His design, and His Grace. I did not choose this assignment — as I had no say in the matter — but I will carry out this assignment to the best of my ability and leave that to the leading of the Holy Spirit that indwells me. I take my orders from the command of the Most High, as I am a warrior and a peacemaker, a sinner and a saint.

Although I am an extra-terrestrial, I am in human form. I am of flesh, blood, and bone. While I am a warrior, an am not invincible and I can and do break. While I am a peacemaker, I stage a daily crusade of righteousness that has love as its foundation and yet thirsts for justice. Yes, I am a sinner — and I am the worst — but because I have accepted the gift of eternal life that Jesus so freely offered me I am a saint; despite my grievous flaws and chronic stumbling.

My, oh my, this human form is so limiting. I cannot fly just yet. I can’t go from here to there in a nano-second. I cannot do complex mathematical equations without the use of calculator! And yet, it’s these human senses that allow me to enjoy the sights, sounds, feelings, tastes, and aromas that are the benefits that this earth has to offer.

Ah, but these human emotions are the worst. These human emotions cause pain. And yet, I wouldn’t trade these emotions for the finest house anywhere on this earth. It is these emotions that make the entire human experience so enriching for an extra-terrestrial! They make me just like you…because I am like you!

Also worth checking out on the site is the Rapture Index, an attempt to predict the likelihood of Armageddon based on such indicators as False Messiahs, the Israel-Palestine peace process, American unemployment and Liberalism.

3 thoughts on “Starchildren ready for Rapture

  1. kim says:

    Why are there so many different explanations of starseeds?
    It gets to be confusing..

  2. kim says:

    To say you’re extra terrestrial is to say that your origin is not of earth. If a Christian says his home is not of this world, then that is correct. However to say that he/she is extre-terrestrial, is implying that they originated somewhere other than planet earth..
    So what is this person really saying? That they are from another world, reincarnated on earth of God’s choosing? Or that merely they are citizens of Heaven through redemption in Christ? Thus making them just ‘visitors’ here?

  3. korshi says:

    That’s a good point, Kim. This person seems to be implying not just that his eventual home (ie heaven) is extra-terrestrial, but that his origin is extra-terrestrial. I think that there may be Gnostic ideas creeping in here – I think there’s a lot of ‘Gnostic’ thought implicit in Christianity, although your exact reading of the New Testament will determine if it becomes part of your theology. The Gnostic idea being that we are in some sense pre-existent spirits who have become trapped in this fallen world, which was a common idea in Gnostic texts, and has been revived in Mormonism (and probably some other Christian movements). It’s interesting that the poster (in a section which I didn’t quote) references the story of the Wizard of Oz, and Dorothy’s longing to go home. Dorothy is not longing to return to a place she has never known, the wants to return to the home she was torn from.

    Having said that, I doubt the poster would consciously agree with this unpacking; they would probably say that because they have been born again in Jesus Christ they are alien to this world, which is fallen from its intended state because of the actions of Adam and Eve, and await their true home with Jesus. Or something like that.

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