mini animal love


January 13, 2009 by Korshi

My mum likes to tell people that I was the only child she knew who could look at lambs playing in the field and think of lamb chops.  When I announced age 21 that I was becoming a vegetarian she was incredulous.  I’ve always been fascinated by animals, and as a result fairly good at drawing them.  On the internet I’ve discovered thousands of people who share my fascination, and endless email forwards about tigers adopting piglets, and youtube videos of unlikely animals engaging in mortal combat.  These drawings are my response to the strange symbiosis of cruelty and kindness, beauty and horror that exist in this thing we call nature.  All of my animals are drawn life size, and I research those which are extinct as carefully as possible so that the anatomy (if not the colours) are reasonably accurate.

These are a few mini animal lovers, each one is about 10cm x 15cm, pen and ink and acrylic on canvas.





One thought on “mini animal love

  1. Simon says:

    These are beautiful; I particularly love the baby pterosaur.

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