Homo Novis Caelestialis

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June 30, 2008 by Korshi

Homo Novis Caelestialis

The semester of uni for which I was doing Return of the Space Gods actually finished about 2 weeks ago; I got less blogging done than I’d intended, but it still added up to a fairly formidable word count for an art project.  In the end, there were three final pieces; this was my favourite, the culmination of the alien skulls series (Homo Noves Baratharii, Osiris, Tetropsis).  You can see some close-ups and working drawings below, but basically the work is a full size alien skeleton, four-eyed and pyramid-headed, drawn in 0.4mm technical pen.  It took forever to draw, but the final product is quite striking.

The other two final images were both oil paintings, Hyperrapture and Truth of the Space Gods. Because they were both very large, and not very dry when the semester ended, I had to put off photographing them.

Even though this is technically the end of Return of the Space Gods, I’ll keep this blog open and update it occasionally with stuff that interests me, and maybe even get round to writing those essays on CS Lewis’ Space trilogy, Olaf Stapledon and Solaris I’ve been planning.


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