Resurrection of the Space Gods


April 22, 2008 by Korshi

Mummies, equally incomprehensible and not yet convincingly explained, stare at us from the remote past as if they held some magic secret. Various peoples knew the technique of embalming corpses, and archaeological finds favour the supposition that prehistoric beings believed in return to a second life, i.e. a corporeal return… Drawings and sagas actually indicated that the ‘gods’ promised to return from the stars in order to awaken the well-preserved bodies to new life.
Erich Von Däniken, Chariots of the Gods

2 thoughts on “Resurrection of the Space Gods

  1. lohecometh says:

    while people may think that prehistoric beings believe in the after life, take a keen look at the bible in ecclesiastes 9 :5-6 it clearly states that “the dead know not anything” so where do people get the idea that there is a after life when you die. this is a serious problem with christians today and it is because they do not read for the bible for themselves. see psalm 146:4 “his breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish”.

  2. korshi says:

    Remember that there’s a lot of diversity in ancient thought. Egyptians seem to have believed from the earliest times that some people at least had access to an afterlife much like this one. Early Greeks, Mesopotamians and Israelites tended to believe in a more shadowy existence, in which ghost wandered hungry, miserable and barely conscious in a place of darkness. Some didn’t believe in any afterlife at all, although others later adopted a more Egyptian style belief in a ‘heaven.’ Some later Jews and Greeks believed in reincarnation, and Zoroastrianism believed in a judgement and resurrection along the lines of the later Christian one.

    In Jesus’ time, the main Jewish split seems to have been between the Pharisees, who believed in a final resurrection, and the Saduccees, who didn’t believe in an afterlife; the Pharisees won out and became the forebears of modern Judaism.

    And that’s only in the Eastern Mediterranean… take into account all the other world cultures and you have a lot of diversity.

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