Are You A Starseed?


April 10, 2008 by Korshi

Are You A Starseed

Text taken from The Starseed Quiz, with slight alterations.

4 thoughts on “Are You A Starseed?

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  2. Mary Spitz says:

    I am not young like the indigo children, but I must be a starseed. I have seen aliens and been in contact already. Everything I have seen has been spiritually enlightening although fearful because there is not much info. It is like exploring the next frontier like explorers with little knowledge other than what you hav experienced yourself.

  3. thelightworkers says:

    Please send me the ‘Are you a Starseed ?’ quiz, it is no longer on the link you provided.

  4. korshi says:

    That’s a shame it’s down… it was quite a charming quiz, in its own oddball way. If you look at the larger image of the painting, you should be able to read some of the questions from it… Here are the few I had saved in my word document of notes on Starseeds:

    1)Do you enjoy thunderstorms?
    2)Are there blond or red hair factors in your gene pool?
    9) Do you occasionally (or, more often) sleep in the nude?
    10) Are you an avid reader?
    53) Do you have a special fascination for pyramids?
    56) Do you have a special fascination for mushrooms?
    61) Does the word Atlantis ring some sort of bell in your memory?
    93) Is the thought that you might contain genes from aliens seem positive?

    I can’t remember how many you had to get to qualify as a starseed.

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