Homo Novis Baratharii (Juvenile)


April 1, 2008 by korshi

Homo Novis Baratharii

The Barathary Gland Is A Gland That Was Originally Inside Of The Cavity Of The Hippocampus Area Of The Brain … It Was A Gland In The Brain That Was Originally Connected To The Appendix And The Tonsils . The Same Way The Pituitary Gland Connects To The Thyroid Gland . What Was The Barathary Gland’s Purpose ? The Barathary Gland Controlled The Four Highter Senses That You Once Had . They Are ,( 1 . Telepathy – The Ability To Communicate Messages Or Thoughts From The Mind Without Using Verbal Speech , ( 2 . Intuition – The Ability To Know What Is About To Happen Before It Happens, ( 3 . Clairvoyance – The Ability To See Clear . Know What Is Going On In Another Place Or Room Without Seeing The Events With Your Two Physical Eyes , ( 4 . Psychometry – The Ability To Be AbleTo Tell Something About A Person By Holding And Object That Belonged To That Person . Why Don’t We Have A Barathyary Gland Anymore ? According To The Sumerians Doctrine . From Adam And Eve By The Great Sscientist Nergal Shar’etsar , Ninti , Enqi And Arishkegal Making The Adamites Nolonger AbleTo Communicate With The Eloheem ” God’s Randomly . Cain , Abel , Seth , Lubuwda , And Aqlimiyah Were All Born With Their Barathyary , But Like Their Parents , Adam And Eve , Their Were Surgically Removed Also . Enos Was The First HumanBeing To Be Born Without His Barathyary Gland , That Is Why He Is Referred To As ” Mortal ” Will We Get Our Barathyary Gland Back ? The Barathary Gland Will Be Reinserted In The Lower Part Of Your Chin Called The Sub – Mental Are Into Those People Who Are Worthy Of Retuning Home When Yashua Eloheem / God’s Come For Their Children


2 thoughts on “Homo Novis Baratharii (Juvenile)

  1. […] three final pieces; this was my favourite, the culmination of the alien skulls series (Homo Noves Baratharii, Osiris, Tetropsis).  You can see some close-ups and working drawings below, but basically the […]

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