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March 17, 2008 by Korshi


Welcome to Return of the Space Gods! Of course, you’re probably wondering what that rather clunky title actually means, so here’s the quick lowdown…

This blog was created by Korshi, an art student/artist (it’s not really clear which) based in Sydney, Australia. The title refers to my major project for this semester, a fairly ambitious idea which I intend to document in this online forum. What is the project about? It’s really the product of my love of sci-fi and the paranormal, a look at sci-fi religions and their relationship to science and religion. The story is that sometime in the distant past, Alien Gods from outer space visited us, and will return again to save us from ourselves at the end of this Mayan Cycle (2012 I think…). The final project will consist of paintings, drawings, digital paintings, photos… whatever I decide to include.

Why (I hope) this blog will be interesting, is that I will try to post more-or-less daily either images or thoughts relating to my research. You can look forward to my thoughts on subjects from Scientology to Erik von Daniken, Jack Kirby, Raëlism, Billy Meier, H.P. Lovecraft and Battlefield Earth… and if you have your own take on any of these I’d love to hear it.

I have a website at www.lairofthetwistedkitten.co.uk (which will probably be down for a few more days), with a load of comics, drawing and a few short stories. I haven’t been updating this as often as I’d like, mainly due to my uni comittments, so hopefully this blog will do something about that.

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